Once our meteorology masts became popular, being a mast installing company we received inquiries about telecom masts. 

Tubular masts are ideal for meteorology but telecoms require more rigidity, especially for microwave links which require a maximum deflection of 0.5 degrees.

This is where a triangular lattice mast is best suited and our hydraulic trailer was designed with this in mind. The first mast we ever lifted was a triangular lattice mast.

Radio antennas and feeders can be rigged while the mast is in the horizontal position which speeds up the process and reduces the need to work at height. The mast can be lifted to the vertical position, the radio gear can then be tested. If adjustments need to be made then the mast can be lowered back to the horizontal position.

In December 2014 we installed our first temporary mast to aid a 24 mile microwave link sending data across the channel to France. Our customer was happy with the rigidity of the mast and the link did not fail once. In 2016 we began installing masts for EE to assist with delivering their ESN radio requirements.

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