About Us

The Fastmast team have a vast amount of experience installing meteorology and radio masts. The business was started up when Chris the managing director wanted a wind turbine to help power his farm in East Yorkshire. Meteorology data needed to be collected to figure out if the project was going to be viable and to do this Chris needed a meteorology mast.

Already owning an engineering firm Chris built his own mast and lifted it using a telehandler. This sparked a brainwave and Chris did some research into masts and how they are installed. He found that often they are installed using hand winches. He also found that there was a demand for masts that could be installed quickly and easily....

Chris developed a trailer that could carry a mast and hydraulically lift it and fastmast was born.

Once a mast has been assembled and the equipment has been installed while the mast is horizontal. It can be lifted in about 5 minutes.

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